Golden Dove at DOK LEIPZIG 2012 for our film

HEINO JAEGER – LOOK BEFORE YOU KUCK by Gerd Kroske won the Golden Dove in the German Competition at DOK Leipzig 2012.

„The film dares to portray a person who is absent, who is not actually a character in the film and who cannot simply be described in one sentence. The story succeeds thanks to the sober, steady persistence with which the colourful multifacetedness of this absent person, who is a sort of medium for the traumata of Germany in the 20th century, is translated into a complex, multi-medial cinematic language. So it is art, of all things, which cleverly compiles almost all the aesthetic disciplines and which formulates, virtually en passant at the beginning of the digital era, an homage to the cinema of tapes and reels, that describes an artist in a state bordering on madness – and that teaches the viewer to see through that man’s eyes.“

Jury’s verdict
DOK Leipzig 2012