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  • Golden Dove at DOK LEIPZIG 2012 for our film


    HEINO JAEGER - LOOK BEFORE YOU KUCK by Gerd Kroske won the Golden Dove in the German Competition at DOK Leipzig 2012.

    "The film dares to portray a person who is absent, who is not actually a character in the film and who cannot simply be described in one sentence. The story succeeds thanks to the sober, steady persistence with which the colourful multifacetedness of this absent person, who is a sort of medium for the traumata of Germany in the 20th century, is translated into a complex, multi-medial cinematic language. So it is art, of all things, which cleverly compiles almost all the aesthetic disciplines and which formulates, virtually en passant at the beginning of the digital era, an homage to the cinema of tapes and reels, that describes an artist in a state bordering on madness – and that teaches the viewer to see through that man’s eyes."
    Jury's verdict
    DOK Leipzig 2012

  • Deckert Distribution at Berlinale 2013


    12.02.2013 09:30 CinemaxX 6 (press screening)
    13.02.2013 20:00 Arsenal
    15.02.2013 19:30 CinemaxX 4
    16.02.2013 16:30 Delphi-Filmpalast
    17.02.2013 15:00 Cubix 7

    13.02.2013 17:30 CinemaxX 1

    09.02.2013 13:30 CinemaxX 1

    Heino Deckert and Ina Rossow will attend Berlinale. Please contact us via to arrange a meeting.

  • Films online at Doc Alliance Films –


    A selection of documentaries from our catalogue is now online at the international VOD platform powered by the Doc Alliance network.

    66 SEASONS by Peter Kerekes

    BAKHMARO by Salomé Jashi

    IMAGINING EMANUEL by Thomas A. Østbye

    MATERIAL by Thomas Heise

    RECIPES FOR DISASTER by John Webster

    SOLAR SYSTEM by Thomas Heise

    THE 3 ROOMS OF MELANCHOLIA by Pirjo Honkasalo

    THE LIVING ROOM OF THE NATION by Jukka Kärkkäinen

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  • Košice - European Capital of Culture 2013


    The documentary film 66 SEASONS about the Old Swimming Pool in Košice, where the history came to bathe, was made over the summer seasons 2000 to 2002. Seen through several stories which unfolded between the years 1936 and 2002, the film captures 66 seasons at the popular swimming pool, and also the same number of years in the history of Central and Eastern Europe. The film is supported by the reminiscences of several visitors to the “Čéháčko”, as the pool was known, which the film crew try to reconstruct years later. The swimming pool thus acquires another metaphysical dimension – it resembles a model of the world where, with greater intensity, private stories merge with universal history.  Different generations of swimmers replaced one another over the course of the decades, only the craving for water as a place of absolute equality and also a source of security remains just as strong.

  • VIVAN LAS ANTIPODAS! at Venice Film Festival


    VIVAN LAS ANTIPODAS! has been invited to be part of the Opening Gala of the 68th Venice International Film Festival. The festival runs August 31 - September 10, 2011.

  • Söhne Mannheims - Freiheit


    Happy Birthday! Amnesty International celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. German band SÖHNE MANNHEIMS has dedicated their single FREIHEIT to the organisation and we are happy that excerpts from 6 of our documentary films are featured in their video.

  • Visions du Réel Nyon 2011: 3 films in competition


    Our films SOLAR SYSTEM, FOREVER YOURS and THE COLLABORATOR AND HIS FAMILY will have their international premiere at Visions du Réel Nyon 2011, in the international competition for long films. Please check the screening dates and times here. Heino Deckert and Nadja Rademacher will be present at the festival and Doc Outlook Market.

  • 50 Sheep and a Dragon


    I WAS WORTH 50 SHEEP has been awarded with the Dragon Award for Best Swedish Documentary 2011 at Göteborg IFF.

  • PORTRAIT OF A MAN wins in Biarritz


    PORTRAIT OF A MAN has received the FIPA D'ARGENT Special Prize in the category Creative Documentaries at FIPA Biarritz 2011.