EAT YOUR CATFISH wins main award at Antenna IDF 2022

EAT YOUR CATFISH by Adam Isenberg, Noah Amir Arjomand and Senem Tüzen was awarded Best Feature Documentary at Antenna IDF 2022 in Sydney, Australia!

From the jury statement: „Eat Your Catfish is in one word, a celebration. Of family, motherhood, life and of the power of documentary itself. The film flips on its head the cinematic gaze to provide us an unforgettable experience of those who too rarely have the opportunity to tell their own stories. In a simple yet innovative approach to filming, born out of necessity but eschewing the obvious, the film is effective in captivating its audience from beginning to end. Blending brutal honesty, frustration and comedy, this is a brave and honest portrait of an ordinary family, and what it means to choose life and death on our own terms.”