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  • Gorbachev. Heaven wins at IDFA 2020


    GORBACHEV. HEAVEN by Vitaly Mansky won the Award for Best Directing in the Feature-Length Competition at IDFA 2020.

    Jury statement: "This intimate portrait of a great man in decline is distinguished by an outstanding directorial hand, whether that is evidenced by the artistic decisions surrounding the portrayal and framing of the USSR’s last leader alone and vulnerable in his diminished surroundings, or in the interrogation of the witness as to his recollection of the events that define him and the world. All these choices lead to a vivid picture of a man who changed the world, which at times is tender, at others even humorous."

  • Deckert Distribution at IDFA 2020


    IDFA Amsterdam is about to start and we are happy to announce that 3 films will be part of the official selection of IDFA 2020, with more titles being part of Docs for Sale.


    World Premiere, IDFA Competition for Feature-Length Documentary


    International Premiere, IDFA Competition for First Appearance


    Dutch Premiere, Best of Fests

  • Pre-Opening Film of La Biennale di Venezia 2020


    Our new acquisition MOLECOLE by Andrea Segre is celebrating its World Premiere as Pre-Opening Film of La Biennale di Venezia. Screening scheduled on 1 September in the Sala Darsena at Lido.

    The film was made in Venice when it was locked down for the coronavirus.

  • EFA Documentary Selection 2020


    WALCHENSEE FOREVER by Janna Ji Wonders is among the 13 films on the EFA Documentary Selection list, recommended for a nomination for this year's European Film Awards.

    EFA Members will now vote for five documentary nominations. Based on these nominations, the EFA Members will then elect the ‘European Documentary 2020’, which will be announced during the awards ceremony on 12 December in Reykjavik.

  • Awarded at Sarajevo IFF 2020


    We are proud to announce that MERRY CHRISTMAS, YIWU by Mladen Kovačević won the Heart of Sarajevo for Best Documentary Film at Sarajevo IFF 2020.

    This film had its world premiere in January at the Rotterdam IFF, in the Brigth Future program intended for young European directors.

  • Nominated for the German Film Award 2020


    HEIMAT IS A SPACE IN TIME by Thomas Heise is nominated for the German Film Award 2020 in the category Best Documentary. The German Film Award "Deutscher Filmpreis", the Lola, is the most prestigious and best endowed award for German film.  The ceremony will take place on April 24, 2020 in Berlin.

  • Berlinale 2020


    We are proud that our docs OECONOMIA by Carmen Losmann and WALCHENSEE FOREVER by Janna Ji Wonders will celebrate their World Premieres at Berlinale 2020!

    Carmen Losmann's film will be part of Forum, while the film by Janna Ji Wonders will be screened in the Perspektive Deutsches Kino section.

    Thomas Heise's film HEIMAT IS A SPACE IN TIME will be part of Lola.

    These are the screening dates and times:


    Feb 21     21:30       CinemaxX 4
    Feb 22     21:00       Cubix 9
    Feb 23     18:30       Colosseum 1
    Feb 25     16:00       CinemaxX 6 (Press)
    Mar 01    16:30       Kino Arsenal 1


    Feb 24     14:00       Cubix 5 (Press)
    Feb 24     19:30       International
    Feb 25     16:30       Cubix 5
    Feb 26     12:00       Colosseum 1
    Feb 27     18:00       Moviemento
    Mar 01    13:45       Cubix 5
    EFM Catch-Up Screening:
    Feb 27   14:15   CinemaxX 13


    Feb 23     17:45       Cubix 4
    Feb 27     10:15       Cubix 4

    Meet us in Berlin!

  • HONEYLAND nominated for Oscars 2020


    HONEYLAND by Ljubomir Stefanov and Tamara Kotevska has been nominated for Best Documentary Feature and Best International Feature Film at the 2020 Academy Awards.

    This is North Macedonia’s first nomination for an Oscar since 1994, when Milcho Manchevski’s Venice Golden Lion winner BEFORE THE RAIN was the first Macedonian film ever nominated for the prestigious award.

    The 92nd Academy Awards are about to take place in February 10.

  • Deckert Distribution at IDFA 2019


    IDFA Amsterdam revealed their line-up and we are happy to announce that 4 films will be part of the official selection of IDFA 2019.

    HOW TO STEAL A COUNTRY by Rehad Desai
    World Premiere, Frontlight
    24.11.2019 17:00 Tuschinski 3 (Press & Industry)
    26.11.2019 20:45 Munt 13
    27.11.2019 14:15 Tuschinski 4
    29.11.2019 17:00 EYE Cinema 1
    30.11.2019 12:30 Tuschinski 2
    HONEYLAND by Ljubomir Stefanov & Tamara Kotevska
    Dutch Premiere, Best of Fests
    21.11.2019 22:00 Munt 13
    23.11.2019 18:00 Tuschinski 1
    25.11.2019 13:30 Brakke Grond Grote Zaal
    29.11.2019 14:30 Eye Cinema 1
    30.11.2019 10:00 Brakke Grond Rode Zaal
    SELFIE by Agostino Ferrente
    Dutch Premiere, Best of Fests
    21.11.2019 13:15 Tuschinski 5
    23.11.2019 17:15 Kriterion 3 
    25.11.2019 22:00 Tuschinski 5
    26.11.2019 21:30 Eye Cinema 2
    30.11.2019 19:30 Tuschinski 4
    HEIMAT IS A SPACE IN TIME by Thomas Heise
    Dutch Premiere, Focus: It Sill Hurts
    25.11.2019 11:30 Tuschinski 4
    28.11.2019 13:30 Tuschinski 3