The Longest Run

Jasim and Alsaleh are underage refugees who came from Syria and Iraq and ended up in a Greek prison accused of smuggling illegal immigrants. With unique access in the juvenile prison and court room, the film follows the two friends closely while in custody, during the trial and after the verdict through a narrative of suspense which reveals how youngsters are forced to transport migrants across the border to Greece while the smugglers stay behind and continue their job uninterrupted. If Jasim and Alsaleh are found guilty, they can be convicted to 25 year sentences. Phone conversations between the imprisoned young boys and their parents in their war-stricken countries accentuate the double enclosure that these families experience. No one knows how and when their long run will end.



Country of Production

Year of Production

DCP, BluRay

55 / 74 min

Marianna Economou

Stefi & Lynx in co-production with Doc3 and Marni Films with the support of The Greek Film Centre

Original Language
Greek, Kurdish, Arabic


Festivals / Awards

Dok Leipzig 2015 (Honorable Mention International Competition as well as Award from the United Services Trade Union VER.Di)
Docpoint IDF Helsinki 2016
Docpoint IDF Tallinn 2016
Tempo IDF Stockholm 2016
One World HRFF Prague 2016
Thessaloniki IDF 2016
Crossing Europe FF Linz 2016
DOC-Cevennes FF 2016
DocsBarcelona IDF 2016
Los Angeles Greek FF 2016
Budapest IDF 2016
Lemesos IDF 2016
Guth Gafa IDF 2016
Budapest IDF 2016
Marseille WFF 2016
Hellas FilmBox FF Berlin 2017 (Award for Best Doc)
Greek FF Paris 2017
CinéDoc IDF Tbilisi 2017
Greek FF Dublin 2017