Poets of Mongolia

Structured around the transformation of coal into energy, POETS OF MONGOLIA evokes the meaning of poetry in the daily life of ordinary people who are trying to cope with harsh reality in a rapidly changing world. Through poetry a miner praises nature, a heating technician evokes man’s destiny, a blind singer expresses her wish to see, and an expatriate finds the strength to survive in a foreign country.

POETS OF MONGOLIA is the third part of Inti Films’ Mongolia Trilogy (CITY OF THE STEPPES, 1994, STATE OF DOGS, 1997)


Country of Production
Belgium / Finland / France

Year of Production

Beta SP Pal

50 min

Peter Brosens, Peter Krüger and Sakhya Byamba

Inti Films in co-production with Millennium Film, ARTE and YLE

Original Language

English, French

Festivals / Awards

IDFA 1999 (Reflecting Images)
Mongolian State Award Best Documentary 1999
Viewpoint Gent 1999
IFF of Brussels (Nominated for the Henri Storck Award) 2000
Bombay IFF 2000
EthnoFilmFest Berlin 2001