Outside / Назовні

After his mother was deprived of parental rights, 13-years-old Roma escapes to the Ukrainian revolution, becoming a part of the Maidan uprising. His childhood experience of survival in a devastating environment and street skills turns into his advantages as he engages in the most dangerous events of the revolution. The people around him admire his courage. Here, for the first time in his life, Romani boy Roma is accepted by society and feels that he is necessary. 

In the aftermath of the revolution, Roma ends up at a boarding school; however, instead of the necessary psychological and social rehabilitation, the system only provides some conditional assistance.

When he turns 18, Roma is expelled from the boarding school without a chance of graduating, accommodation or money. He returns to his native, criminogenic town of Yahotyn and gradually immerses into the criminal world. His older brother Kolya, who was just released from prison and has an influence on Roma, is among the few people who care about him. Kolya shares his experience of survival outside of jail. The independent life is a challenge for Roma, and the camera witnesses his insignificant efforts to cope with normal existence: he finishes his studies in 9th grade, tries to find a job, and to abstain from drugs. Still, all his efforts are futile. However, hope is always looming somewhere in the future.



Country of Production
Ukraine, The Netherlands, Denmark

Year of Production


79 / 58 min

Olha Zhurba

Moon Man in co-production with Tangerine Tree and Final Cut for Real

Original Language
Ukrainian, Russian, Romani

English, Dutch, Danish

Festivals / Awards

CPH:DOX 2022
Hot Docs 2022
Millenium Docs Against Gravity 2022
BelDocs 2022
DocEdge 2022
Sheffield Doc/Fest 2022
Kharkiv MeetDocs 2022 (Winner of the National Competition and Special Mention by the Ukrainian Film Critics Association Jury)
Oslo Pix 2022
Baltic Sea Docs 2022
Inconvenient Films 2022
Berlin HRFF 2022 (Winner of the Willy Brandt Documentary Film Prize for Freedom and Human Rights for the best film in competition)
Antenna IDF 2022
One World Slovakia 2022
Verzió HRFF 2022
RIDM 2022
Arktisen Upeeta 2022
Northern Lights FF Belarus 2022
Trieste FF 2023
MiradasDoc 2023
One World Prague 2023