In a small village in Northern Thailand, there is a place where forgetfulness is a state of mind. This place is Baan Kamlangchay, a centre for westerners afflicted by Alzheimer’s, where their families leave them in the hands of Thai caregivers. One of them is Pomm, a young woman who tenderly watches over the elderly. But her favorite patient Elisabeth is also her confidante. To her she can confess the thing that keeps her up at night; how she is afraid she won’t get her children back.

She cannot afford to live with them: the youngest one is being raised by her ex-partner, hours away. The other two, children form a previous partner, live with her mother in another village. Meanwhile, in Switzerland, Maya’s memory is fading quickly, and her family has made a heartbreaking decision. They will have to leave Maya in the hands of Pomm, who lives at the other side of the world.

MOTHER is a character-driven film that allows us to explore the struggles of motherhood and the frustrations of being unable to care for our loved ones. It is the powerful connection between patients and caregivers that will challenge our preconceptions. Both Pomm and her patients are trying to recover the pieces of their lives that are gone, but through love and kindness they will learn to care for each other.



Country of Production
Belgium, Netherlands

Year of Production


52 / 82 min

Kristof Bilsen

Limerick Films in co-production with Man’s Films Productions and HALAL docs, RTBF, VRT and EOdocs, in association with RTS

Original Language
Thai, Swiss German, English

English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Dutch, German

Festivals / Awards

Sheffield Doc/Fest 2019 (Special Mention)