The Virgin Vision / 12 Ways to Rapture / Die Erscheinung der Jungfrau / 12 Wege zur Verzückung

THE VIRGIN VISION explores 12 strategies to achieve ecstasy.
Special attention is given to the central and omnipresent role young girls and the idea of purity get to play in this ancient game. Britney Spears fans, sexworkers, True Love Waits pledgers, Quinceaneras and their moms, true catholic believers, an amateur Joan of Arc impersonator and even a seer who currently has apparitions of the virgin Mary are asked for their insights and experiences with the idea of innocence.
The interviews were shot on mini-dv in San Francisco, Las Vegas, Mexico City and in France. Without any voiceover narration they are carefully combined and juxtaposed to not just exhibit some exotic individuals, but to follow a risky and ambiguous path of sympathy and fascination. A certain pattern of attitudes is emerging, revealing something like an assembly plan for an invisible yet very powerful machine : The clockwork of idolatry.


Country of Production

Year of Production

Digi Beta Pal

45 min

Friedericke Anders

Production filmproduktion and Urbanfilm, commissioned by ZDF and in co-operation with ARTE

Original Language
English, French, Spanish