I Can Already Do That / Ich kann das schon

A person’s essence is his emotional activity. When we accept the differences between us and other people, we acknowledge ourselves as well as all others as unique individuals.
To understand another person, we must communicate with him.
Children with Down syndrome have a delayed, protracted development of language skills. How can parents find access to and communicate with their child?
The film follows three children over two years, documenting what they learn on their paths through life and the joy they have in living.
The children’s parents tell about their worries after the children were born and how their lives changed and were enriched by living with them. Professor Wilken, a pioneer in developing the language skills of children with Down syndrome, reviews learning possibilities, and she works with Anna-Lotta.
As the shooting period ends, Jonas expresses himself with sign language and has begun to speak single words. David has almost abandoned sign language and tries to repeat the words he hears. Anna-Lotta reads to Professor Wilken from her “First Reading Book”.


Country of Production

Year of Production

Digi Beta Pal

58 min

Heide Breitel

Heide Breitel Filmproduktion in co-production with Matthias-Film GmbH, commissioned by ZDF, in cooperation with Arte

Original Language