How Mankind Lives – Men and Women / So lebt der Mensch – Mann und Frau

HOW MANKIND LIVES – MEN AND WOMEN is not a description of the misery in the world, gender relations included. Much rather it uses the camera to document and uncover the state of marriage, sexuality and love. It lets us see what is the status quo in everyday life and the housework in relationships around the world. Gerlinde Böhm invites us on a trip that does not seek the spectacular, but depicts the an absolutely fascinating normality – in Morocco and Hong Kong, in Brazil, Mali and Guatemala. We get to know families in a total of five countries, learn about their wishes and troubles, about their expectations and disappointments. How the points of view of women and men differ and to which degree the daughters are ready to break with their mothers’ traditions is part of the challenging themes of this film.


Country of Production

Year of Production

Digi Beta Pal

52 min

Gerlinde Böhm

Gerlinde Böhm Filmproduktion

Original Language
Arabic, Portuguese, Cantonese, Kaqchikel, Bambara