Gugara in Evenki language stands for the sound of the bell hanging from a reindeer neck. It’s one of the few sounds you could hear in taiga, but recently there’s almost nothing but silence. Within the last few weeks, Dimitri and Tatiana, elderly herdsmen, have lost their entire herd. What to do in taiga without it? Especially if you are very last herdsmen in the area. Everybody else already has left life in the forest for the nearby Russian village.
This is the story of the decline of a small Siberian community. This perceptive documentary describes the paradoxical world of former nomads and reindeer herdsman that were forced to abandon their ancient way of life. Characters of the film are at different stages of forsaking a world which was their traditional way of life.


Country of Production

Year of Production

35mm, Digi Beta Pal, Beta SP Pal

58 / 69 min

Jacek Naglowski and Andrzej Dybczak


Original Language
Russian, Evenki

English, French

Festivals / Awards

Cinéma du Réel Paris 2008 (The Intangible Heritage Award)
Thessaloniki IDF 2008
Planete Doc Review Warsaw 2008
Cannes IFF, Séléction ACID 2008
Cracow IFF 2008 (GOLDEN HOBBY-HORSE for Best Film in National Competition)
Pärnu FF 2008 (Grand Prize of festival for the Best Artistic Achievement)
DOK Leipzig 2008
Verzio Documentary FF Budapest 2008
Leeds IFF 2008
Int. FF of the Art of Cinematography PLUS CAMERIMAGE Lodz 2008
First Peoples’ FF Montréal 2009