Ehre (Honour) / Ehre

Muhamad, a 16-year-old German-Palestinian, Christian, a 15-year-old German and Kevin, a 17-year-old German-Ganaian are taking part in anti-violence training. Every sentence, every false look is a cause for them to defend their reputation and honor. It’s about the mothers, the sisters and the wives. The women’s bodies are always at their disposal. This is the bargaining chip, the foundation of identity and a feeling of self worth for the young men. A search for an identity where one no more exists. In the middle of our community, honor doesn’t play a role anymore. But it’s coming back – from the fringes.
Anti-violence training, group-dynamic-exercises in a youth establishment, midnight sports. Places, that Aysun Bademsoy is on the search for trying to find a definition to the concept of honor in Germany that’s coming about in the twenty-first century.


Country of Production

Year of Production

HDCam, Digi Beta Pal

87 min

Aysun Bademsoy

Production filmproduktion in co-production with BR

Original Language


Festivals / Awards

Filmfest Munich 2011
Kassel Film and Video Festival 2011
Adana Golden Boll FF 2012
Istanbul 1001 IDF 2012
Boston Turkish FF 2012 (Best Documentary Award)