Dress Code – How To Dress Right / Dress Code – Vom richtigen Kleiden

Jeans or dinner suit? Low cleavage cut or buttoned up? Long trousers, short skirt, green, blue or flowery? What is the right way to dress for success? As usual, the devil is in the detail! These days dress-codes seem more important than ever. The documentary follows hot on the heels of the rich and famous in Berlin, Paris and Rome, consulting society ladies, scientists, designers and fashion magazine editors. Among those interviewed are such illustrious figures as Victoire Castellane, once Karl Lagerfeld’s muse and now a chief designer in her own right at Dior; Franceline Prat, Vogue’s Grande Dame; Piero Tosi, Visconti’s legendary costume designer; and Bologna’s last remaining dandies attempting to revive the lustre of a long-gone era. They tell us how they discovered the secret knowledge of the dress-code and share their advice on tricks to remember and things to avoid. This visual roller-coaster ride takes us through the world of clothes – informative, amusing, bizarre and definitely worth seeing.



Country of Production

Year of Production

Digi Beta Pal

52 min

Caterina Klusemann

Ma.ja.de Filmproduktion in co-production with ZDF, in association with ARTE and YLE

Original Language
German, English, Italian, French