Bloody Mondays & Strawberry Pies

Beauty, love, work… sometimes it just isn’t worth getting out of bed for. BLOODY MONDAYS & STRAWBERRY PIES examines the role of boredom in the human condition by showing the lives of a 32 year old Wall Street stockbroker who makes millions a year, a desert nomad who does nothing all day, the last living spy from the Second World War, a painter who has been painting Time for the last 42 years and the first school shooter in history: Brenda Spencer, who at the age of 16 shot eleven people because: ‘I don’t like Mondays’. The actor John Malkovich gives voice to the inner bored human being. His fascinating timbre crawls under your skin and wonders: ‘How many people in the world are like me?’ The answers are right in the silent Sahara of your mind.



Country of Production
The Netherlands

Year of Production

Digi Beta Pal

87 min

Coco Schrijber

Bonanza Films in co-production with IKON

Original Language
Dutch, French, English, Arabic


Festivals / Awards

Netherlands Film Festival Utrecht 2008 (Golden Calf for Best Feature Documentary)
Thessaloniki IDF 2009
It’s all True IDF 2009
Boston IFF 2009
DOKfest Munich 2009
Hot Docs Toronto 2009
Moscow IFF 2009
Silverdocs IDF 2009
Brisbane IFF 2009
DOKUFEST IDF 2009 (Audience Award)
Monterrey IFF 2009 (Award for Best Documentary and Best Editing)
Reykjavik IFF 2009
Beirut IFF 2009
DOK Leipzig 2009
Camerimage 2009
DocPoint Helsinki 2010
ZagrebDox 2010
Sofia IFF 2010
Tempo IDF Stockholm 2010
Vilnius IDF 2010