Human Interest/Society

  • Pure Unknown

    Italy, Switzerland, Sweden | 2023 | 52 / 93min

    Every night nameless bodies land in Dr. Cristina Cattaneo’s autopsy room. They are homeless, sex workers, runaway teenagers. Lately, they have mostly been migrants, rejected by the Mediterranean Sea onto the shores of Italy. In the face of this growing multitude, no one seems concerned about their right to dignity. No one but Cristina. Read More

  • Vika!

    Poland, Germany, Finland | 2023 | 72min

    84-year-old Vika is a true star of Warsaw nightclubs. As a charismatic and colorful DJ surrounding herself with young people she seems unstoppable and keeps repeating that age is just a number. But as Vika’s health starts to deteriorate she has to come to terms with the passing of time, finding purpose in bringing joy to other seniors. Read More

  • Jackie the Wolf

    Germany, France | 2023 | 93min

    Jackie is a hedonistic and world-weary Parisian. Though not ill, she is terrified of aging. Before seeing her sense of dignity compromised, Jackie wants to end her life in Switzerland. Her son Tuki Jencquel documents their intimate discussionss, at times accepting and at times challenging her unconventional convictions. Read More

  • 5 Seasons of Revolution

    Germany, Syria, Norway, The Netherlands, Qatar | 2023 | 95min

    Born in Damascus, Lina starts to report on the events around her but is compelled to become a war reporter and later, the unexpected narrator of her own destiny. Read More

  • Against the Tide

    India, France | 2023 | 97min

    Two friends, both indigenous Koli fishermen in Bombay, are driven to desperation by a dying sea. Their friendship begins to fracture as they take very different paths to provide for their struggling families. Read More

  • Racist Trees

    United States | 2022 | 85min

    Racial tensions are reignited as a historically Black neighborhood in Palm Springs fights for the removal of a wall of trees that many believe were originally planted as a totem of segregation. A film by Sara Newens & Mina T. Son. Read More

  • Kristos, the Last Child

    Italy, France, Greece | 2022 | 90 / 52min

    There are one-thousand goats and thirty-one people living on the island of Arki. No mayor. No police. No doctor nor hospital. There is a school though. A school with just one teacher and one child, Kristos. Read More

  • A Holy Family

    Taiwan, France | 2022 | 88min

    After 24 years of absence, director Elvis A-Liang Lu returns home to his family in a rural area of southwestern Taiwan. A HOLY FAMILY is an intimate journey of home-coming, a portrait of rekindled family bonding despite differences in religious beliefs, and an unflinching tale of self-discovery through filmmaking. Read More

  • Outside

    Ukraine, The Netherlands, Denmark | 2022 | 79 / 58min

    The 7-year journey of Roma, once a poster boy for the Ukrainian Revolution, who is released from the orphanage at 18 into the adult world with nothing but a knife and a lighter. Read More