A minefield and the second largest military wall in the world separate Sidahmed, Zaara and Taher from their homeland that they only know from their parents’ stories. They belong to the Sahrawis, one of the world’s most forgotten people, abandoned in a refugee camp in the middle of the desert ever since Morocco drove them out of Western Sahara forty years ago.

With vitality and humor, HAMADA is the unusual portrait of a group of young friends living in a refugee camp in the stony Saharan desert. They spend their days fixing cars, even though they can’t really take them anywhere, fighting for political change and dreaming of a future that most likely will never happen. With all the expectations, strengths and illusions of being young they all find different ways to expand beyond the physical borders that surround them.



Country of Production
Sweden, Germany, Norway

Year of Production


52 / 90 min

Eloy Domínguez Serén

Momento Film in co-production with Ma.ja.de. Filmproduktion and Fuglene in association with SVT, DR and Aftenposten

Original Language
Hassaniya, Arabic, Spanish

English, Spanish, French

Festivals / Awards

IDFA Amsterdam 2018
Gijon IFF 2018 (Award for Best Spanish Film // Award for Best Spanish Director)
Porto/Post/Doc FF 2018 (Companhia das Culturas/Fundação Pereira Monteiro Award for Best Emerging Director)
Göteborg IFF 2019
Valencia HRFF 2019
Tempo IDF Stockholm 2019 (Tempo Documentary Award)
One World HRFF Prague 2019
Sofia IFF 2019
Geneva HRFF 2019
Cinéma du Réel Paris 2019 (The Loridan Ivens – CNAP Award)
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria FF 2019
BAFICI Buenos Aires 2019
San Sebastian HRFF 2019
Festival of Tolerance Zagreb 2019
Cairo Cinema Days 2019
EDOC Quito 2019
DOK.fest Munich 2019
Edinburgh IFF 2019
Festival cinémas d'Afrique Lausanne 2019
Beyond Borders Greece 2019
Berlin HRFF 2019
Mizna Arab Film Fest 2019
Nuremberg HRFF 2019
fARAD 2019
Toulouse Cinespana FF 2019
Le Grand Bivouac Albertville 2019
Kasseler Dokfest 2019
Pakistan HRFF 2019
IberoDocs 2019
Kino Otok 2020
Der neue Heimatfilm 2020