Frozen Heart / Frosset hjerte

Roald Amundsen (1872 – 1928) was the first man to the south pole and the greatest explorer of his generation. But the same inner forces that drove him into the icy wilderness, also pushed him into personal despair. He turned his back on the women who loved him, betrayed his own brother and made enemies with entire nations. In the end, he died trying to save the man he hated the most. It wasn’t the world Amundsen wanted to discover. He wanted the world to discover him.
This fascinating documentary tells the story of the great, but enigmatic explorer using rare archive material and Amundsen’s own words. It is both an historical document and a deeply private journey into the psyche of one man’s soul.


Country of Production

Year of Production

35 mm, Digi Beta Pal, Beta Sp Pal, HDCam

58 / 87 min

Stig Andersen and Kenny Sanders

Motlys in co-production with NRK, SVT, YLE 2, Epidem, RBB, filmproduktion, DR TV, Final Cut, Czech TV

Original Language
Norwegian, English

English, German, French

Festivals / Awards

Idfa 2009
Valladolid 1999 (Second Prize)