From My Syrian Room

How can you keep your humanity in a country where you’re educated to erase in yourself any singularity? In his early years, the Syrian painter and filmmaker Hazem Alhamwi found his own way to live and to feel free, drawing obsessively in his own room. But in 2011, finally, the Revolution started. The Syrian people went out in the streets. Hazem Alhamwi found himself unable to face his terror immediately. How could he stay paralyzed in such an important moment in his destiny? Going back to his remote memories, from his childhood to nowadays, Hazem Alhamwi tells about the will of freedom of a whole country.


Country of Production
France / Syria / Germany / Qatar

Year of Production


70 min

Hazem Alhamwi

Cosmographe Productions in co-production with Hazem Alhamwi Productions, Filmproduktion and Al Jazeera in association with In Efecto, ARTE, WDR, France 3 Corse Via Stella

Original Language
Arabic, English, German, French


Festivals / Awards

DOK Leipzig 2014
Dubai IFF 2014
Docpoint IDF Helsinki 2015
Geneva HRFF 2015
Middle East Now FF Florence 2015
Festival Cinéma Arabe Amsterdam 2015
DOXA Vancouver 2015
Yamagata IDF 2015