The Messina brothers are Yesmoke, a little tobacco company based in Turin, Italy. Originally Yesmoke was an online store for cheap cigarettes, selling mainly Philip Morris to millions of customers around the world. When sales reached over one hundred million a year, „Big Tobacco“ sued them for 550 Million dollars, obligating them to shut their website down. As a result, the two brothers decided to build their own cigarette manufacturing company in the outskirts of Turin, taking the fight to Philip Morris in an effort to level the playing field. But today, the Italian government too and their severe regulations has changed the course of this on-going debate…

It’s like a gangster movie: there are no good guys, just small bad guys fighting big bad guys. Who’s going to win this unfair battle? David or Goliath?



Country of Production
Italy, Switzerland

Year of Production


96 min

Michele Fornasero

Indyca in co-production with Ventura Film and RSI in association with Filmproduktion

Original Language
Italian, English, German


Festivals / Awards

Visions du Réel Nyon 2014 (C-Side Productions Postproduction Prize for the Best Swiss Film out of all sections)
Valladolid IFF 2014
Zagreb IFF 2014
Festival dei Popoli Florence 2014 (Award CINEMAITALIANO.INFO – CG HOME VIDEO)
Solothurn FF 2015
Docpoint IDF Helsinki 2015
Biografilm Festival Bologna 2015