Dark Eden

On a journey for an answer to the question, „How high is the price for a better life?“, the directors explore Fort McMurray in the far north of Canada, home of the largest industrial project and the third largest oil reserve on the planet. People from all over the world come here to earn sky-high salaries at the sacrifice of the environment. Film and reality collide as the directors find themselves in their own personal nightmare.


Country of Production

Year of Production


80 min

Jasmin Herold & Michael Beamish

MADE IN GERMANY Filmproduktion in co-production with ZDF / 3sat

Original Language
English, German

German, English

Festivals / Awards

DOK.fest Munich 2018
Festival Der Neue HeimatFilm Burg Klempenow 2018
Fünf Seen FF 2018
Melbourne Environmental FF 2018
Braunschweig IFF 2018 (Green Horizons Award)
Kassel IFF 2018
Cinéma Vérité IDF Tehran 2018
Docpoint IDF Helsinki 2019
Docpoint IDF Tallinn 2019
Big Sky IDF Missoula 2019 (Artistic Vision Award)
Millenium FF Brussels 2019 (Objectif d'Argent)
Zagreb JFF 2019
Ecofalante IFF 2019
SWR Doku Festival 2019 (Förderpreis des Hauses des Dokumentarfilms)
Planet in Focus 2019
Rotterdam Architecture FF 2019

// Shortlisted for the German Film Awards 2020
// Winner of the Grimme Award 2020