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In 2005, California’s Getty Museum hit the news: their former curator for antiquities, Marion True, has been accused of being involved in an extensive trade in archaeological treasures and went on trial in Rome charged with criminal conspiracy.
What made one of the richest museums in the world buy stolen artefacts?
The True case is not an exception, but rather an example for a major ethical crisis that has hit many big museums around the world, which mirrors the deeper crisis of the antiquity trade today. NETWORK is a documentary which foretells this crisis, focusing on the ring of people connected in smuggling antiquities. Police research and Legal disputes.
Tomb robbers, archaeologists, private investigators, state police, Interpol.
Auction houses, private collections, museums, international organisations, governments.
Athens, London, New York, Geneva, Rome, Jerusalem.

How do antiquities become an object of illegal exchange, trade and theft?


Country of Production

Year of Production

Digi Beta Pal

58 / 82 min

Andreas Apostolidis

Illusion Film Production in co-production with Anemon / Photokinisis, Greek Film Centre and ERT

Original Language
Greek, English