Do Communists Have Better Sex? / Liebte der Osten anders? Sex im geteilten Deutschland

This is about sex.
About sex in Germany and the question as to who, on which side of the Iron Curtain, was better at it. The starting point was the same on both sides at the end of the Second World War: Germans shared the same culture, the same lifestyle, the same morals. But four decades on, everything had changed. 40 years of division left their mark in many places – including the beds of the German people.
November 1989. The Wall comes down and the brothers and sisters from the East have become almost unrecognisable. The sociologists have a field day, and investigate – from a strictly scientific point of view, of course – everything to do with sex in the two Germanies.
Dictatorship and a planned economy – the sure-fire formula for a natural aphrodisiac? At least in bed, according to the statistics, the communists were victorious.
How could it have happened? Didn’t the West do everything to intensify the desires of its citizens? Wasn’t there sex in abundance for every man on every street corner?
Was it to do with the church in the West or did affluence make people lethargic?
Was it better in the East because women earned their own money? Or because there weren’t any other distractions and people took refuge from the state in bed?
This film shows a up to now unknown and curious Chapter of political and entertaining erotic-history.



Country of Production

Year of Production

Digi Beta Pal

52 min

André Meier

Production filmproduktion in co-production with MDR/ARTE

Original Language

English, French

Festivals / Awards

Input 2007