Apology of an Economic Hit Man

In front of an angry audience somewhere in Latin America, a North American tells his personal journey: he is man who decided to tell the truth, regardless of the risks for his family and his life. He worked for a secret network that used loans from the World Bank, payoffs, extortion and sex, military coups and political assassinations to create the American empire.

But an unexpected crowd storms the theatre demanding answers about the country’s suffering. Among the people gathered is the daughter of an assassinated president. Perkins doesn’t know if he will be well accepted or lynched…

Based on rare propaganda material, film-noir-style reconstructed sequences and the exclusive filmed confessions of best selling writer John Perkins, the documentary sheds new light on the international economic and political influences in the recent American history, from the Second World War via Latin America to the invasion and looting of Iraq.
The definitive answer to President Bush’s question: “why do they hate us?“.


Country of Production

Year of Production

Digi Beta Pal

58 / 90 min

Stelios Koul

Lynx in co-production with Greek Film Center, ERT, Stelios Koul, Kinan Akkawi, Ilias Bovalis and Ioanna Louloudi, in association with Moxie Films

Original Language
English, Spanish


Festivals / Awards

Semaine de la Critique Locarno 2008
Vancouver IFF 2008
Leeds IFF 2008
Ambulante DFF 2009
DOCNZ 2009
BAFICI Buenos Aires 2009
Encuentro del Otro Cine Quito 2009
Lemesos IDF 2009
San Francisco IDF 2009
EIDF Seoul 2009, South Korea (Spirit Award)
Brasília IFF 2009
Sample of Cinema and Human Rights Saragossa 2010 (Honorable Mention from the Audience)
Ankara IFF 2010