Caveman – The Hidden Giant / Caveman – Il Gigante Nascosto

A cave in the Apuan Alps, 650 meters underground, is home to the deepest work of art in the world. It portrays a marble colossus, a naked giant asleep in the heart of Earth, which the sculptor Filippo Dobrilla has been working on for more than 30 years in absolute solitude in the darkness of the cave.

What drives an artist to descend into one of the deepest abysses of Europe to achieve his most ambitious work, yet inaccessible to the eyes of men? This is the question which CAVEMAN – THE HIDDEN GIANT wants to answer, tracing Filippo’s youthful homosexual passions, his need for isolation, his idea of a pure and uncompromising art.

For him plunging into the darkness of the cave means seeking refuge in a place where he can feel free, protected and distant from the prejudice and influences of contemporary society. But the unexpected discovery of a tumour will radically change his life. Once again Filippo will find himself sliding in the darkness, this time there is no way of returning to the light.


Country of Production
Italy, Switzerland

Year of Production


91 min

Tommaso Landucci

Doclab in co-production with Contrast Film, RSI and SRG SSR

Original Language


Festivals / Awards

Giornate degli Autori 2021
Festival dei Popoli 2021
ARCA International Film Festival 2022
Budapest IDF 2022
Thessaloniki IDF 2022
Trento Film Festival 2022