Wild, Wild Beach / Zhar Nezhnykh. Dikyi, Dikyi Plyazh

Every morning during the last 25 years beach, hereditary photographer Eugeniy and his camel, bought in Kalmyk steppe, are on their way to their habitual working place – a beach at the Black Sea shore, a world of naked people. To be more correct: nude people, in all meanings of this word – nominal as well as figurative.
The film shows a variety of characters, which shape a unique portrait of the state of the human world in which we live. Both irony and melancholy, cleanliness and meanness, love stories and betrayal, life and death are depicted in their development.
Four years ago, Vitaly Mansky has been shooting BROADWAY. BLACK SEA on the same beach. Now you will meet many heroes from this previous film in WILD, WILD BEACH again.


Country of Production
Russia / Germany

Year of Production

Digi Beta Pal, Beta SP Pal

85 / 125 min

Alexander Rastorguev, Vitaly Mansky and Susanna Baranzhieva

Studio Vertov, ma.ja.de. filmproduktion and WDR in association with YLE TV2

Original Language


Festivals / Awards

IDFA 2006 (Joris Ivens Competition; Special Jury Award)
DocPoint Helsinki 2007
Thessaloniki IDF 2007
ZagrebDox 2007
Belfast IFF 2007
Buenos Aires IFF 2007
Bucharest IFF 2007
Small Documentary Festival Lemesos 2007
Yamagata IDF 2007
Bergen IFF 2007
Jihlava IDF 2007