Uku Ukai

„Take a deep breath in…and out,“ a soothing female voice says. We see a young woman putting makeup on an old woman’s face, a marathon man running, an old woman lying in bed, recreational swimmers, a sewing machine stitching away, a group of elderly people doing gymnastics, a dog running along the soft shoulder, his tongue dangling, and people lying on top of each other on a stretch of grass, laughing with forced laughs. „Beware of your physical body,“ the voice says. „Become aware of the sensations in your body.“ UKU UKAI is a meditative film poem full of rhyming images about movement, old age and the human body. From up close, the camera explores the naked physical landscape. By means of conclusion the voice says, „Now you’re in harmony with your thoughts.“


Country of Production

Year of Production

35mm, Digi Beta Pal

30 min

Audrius Stonys

Studija 2 in co-production with ARTE, YLE and LRT

Original Language

Lithuanian, French, German, Russian

Festivals / Awards

IDFA 2006
Bilbao IFF 2006 (Golden Mikeldi Award)
Rio de Janeiro FF 2006
Tirana IFF 2007
Int. Festival India 2007
Punto De Vista Navarra 2007
ZagrebDox 2007
Tampere Short Film Festival 2007
It's All True IDF Sao Paulo / Rio de Janeiro 2007
Documenta Madrid 2007
Planete Doc Review Warsaw 2007
Message to Man St. Petersburg 2007
Int. Art Film Festival Trencin 2007
Karlovy Vary IFF 2007
Valdivia IFF 2007
Festival dei Popoli Florence 2007
L’Alternativa Barcelona 2007
Crossino Europe Linz 2008