Prirechnyy – The Town That No Longer Exists

The inhabitants of the Russian town of Prirechnyy have received a letter from the province of Murmansk informing them that their town no longer exists. Still, a handful of senior citizens refuse to move from the once-proud mining town. We meet four of them in this absurd little universe in northern Russia. Aina and Fyodor have been married for 53 years. While Aina pines for attention from her husband, Fyodor is primarily preoccupied with his vegetable garden. Maria has lost her beloved husband and is bitter at her two sons. Diana is the town’s diva. She still dreams of love in a town with only five male inhabitants.


Country of Production

Year of Production

Digi Beta Pal

52 min

Tone Grøttjord

Motlys in co-production with SVT and Filmpool Nord , NRK and YLE

Original Language


Festivals / Awards

IDFA 2006 (First Appearance)
Norwegian DFF 2006 (Special Mention)
Norwegian Short FF 2006
Nordisk Panorama 2006
Tromsø IFF 2007 (Tromsøpalmen for Best Documentary)
Thessaloniki IDF 2007
DocAviv 2007
EuroDok 2007
Dawson FF 2007
Buchuresti IFF 2007
Astra Filmfest 2007 (International Section Award offered by the Romanian Public Television)
Trento Mountain FF 2008
Barents Film & TV Festival 2008 ( First Prize in Category II)
Nordic Anthropological FF 2009