No Lullaby / Nirgendland

Tina, now in her late 50s, was taught from early on that nothing which happens at home in a well-off family is carried outside. So she keeps silent as her own father abuses her throughout her childhood. She buries this part of her life so deep down in her unconscious that she’s unable to see the desperate signs of her daughter, Floh, when she suffers the same ordeal by the same culprit. After many years of silence, Tina and Floh gather their courage and strength to break the vicious circle: they go to the police. But after a shocking court ruling, Tina helplessly watches her daughter’s fragile life spiral out of control, eventually ending in suicide. Tina and Floh take us on a journey into the depth of an unbearable trauma, where nothing is as it should be. Trapped in the structures of a destructive family, with no help from the outside world, a mother and a daughter embrace the fight to break the ice under which a whole society has gone indifferent and mute.


Country of Production

Year of Production


58 / 72 min

Helen Simon

Filmallee in co-production with BR

Original Language
German, English


Festivals / Awards

Hot Docs Toronto 2014
DOK.fest Munich 2014 (VIKTOR DOK.deutsch for Best German Documentary 2014)
IDFA Amsterdam 2014 (Award of IDFA Competition for Student Documentary)
ZagrebDox IDF 2015
One World HRFF Prague 2015
Ljubljana IDF 2015