I’m Charlie Chaplin

In this short film, Jay Rosenblatt humorously documents how a small girl develops a will of her own. Little Ella is dressing up for Halloween with her mother. A little moustache, a hat and a walking stick transform her into her idol Charlie Chaplin. She imitates his characteristic walk. „Why do you like Chaplin so much?“ her mother asks her off-screen. „Because he’s funny,“ Ella answers meekly. We watch her go out into the street to collect candy. Back home, she enthusiastically tucks away the day’s booty. One year later, it is Halloween again. Once more, Ella dons her Chaplin costume and practices her walk, which has clearly improved. But her behaviour is more capricious. One moment, she says she wants to dress as Chaplin for the next decade, and the next she complains that she does not like the tie. Her mother repeats her question: „Why do you like Chaplin so much?“ „He’s my favourite character,“ she answers dutifully. She sighs. Actually, she would like to dress up as a ghost. „I don’t like him anymore,“ she admits. „Why?“ her mother asks. „Stop talking,“ Ella says decidedly.


Country of Production

Year of Production

Beta SP Pal

9 min

Jay Rosenblatt

Locomotion Films

Original Language

Festivals / Awards

IDFA 2005 (Silver Wolf competition)
Pesaro FF 2006
Pärnu IFF 2006
Festival dei Popoli Florence 2006
Dok Leipzig 2017