First Kill

FIRST KILL is a provocative documentary about war and the thin line between good and evil. The film is about the contradictory feelings that war evokes. Feelings such as fear and anger, but also seduction, fascination and excitement. With FIRST KILL, the filmmakers intend to confuse the viewer. In the documentary they create an atmosphere which causes the viewer to lose his certainties and confront him with the ultimate question: Would I pull the trigger?


Country of Production
The Netherlands

Year of Production

Digi Beta Pal

52 min

Coco Schrijber

Lemming Film

Original Language

Festivals / Awards

IDFA 2001
Rotterdam IFF 2002
Cinéma du Réel Paris 2002
Melbourne IFF 2002
One World Int. Human Rights FF Prague 2002
Singapore IFF 2002
Norwegian DFF Volda 2002
INPUT Conference Rotterdam 2002
Seoul Human Rights FF 2002
Cologne Conference 2002
Melbourne IFF 2002
World FF Montreal 2002