Between Two Worlds / Zwischen zwei Welten

Bettina Haasen takes her camera with her and starts a search for a friend in Niger whom she saw for the last time five years ago. The man, Musa Daurido, is not easy to locate. He is a Wodaabe and lives as a nomad between desert and savannah in Niger. BETWEEN TWO WORLDS differs from other ethnographic films because its maker speaks the local language. This enables her to create an intimate atmosphere when she meets people along the way. The film offers an almost casual glance into the nomad’s rural life while at the same time telling what seems like a very private story. Why is she looking for this man? What kind of relationship did she have with him? When she finally meets him again something has definitely changed. What should have been the film’s dramatic climax turns into a strange kind of absence. A film about a white woman in Africa looking for something that – maybe – never appears in full daylight.


Country of Production

Year of Production

Digi Beta Pal, Beta SP Pal

52 min

Bettina Haasen

Production Filmproduktion in co-production with Cauri Films

Original Language


Festivals / Awards

DFA 1999 (Fipresci Award)
Filmfest Potsdam 1999 (Award for Best Documentary Film)
Crossing Boundaries 2000
International African Filmfestival Milan 2000
International African Filmfestival Zanzibar 2000
DokART Neubrandenburg 2000
The New Filmfestival Split 2000