The Merry Boys / Veselite Momcheta

A group of musicians plays on the street in a crowded area of Sofia, Bulgaria. This would not be so strange, but the members are all blind. The film provides an insight look into their professional and private lives. Lubo, who is fifty-three, is considered too old to be a professional singer. His voice is too worn out for the high notes of the modern popular songs. The group concludes that Lubo, who has sung for more than three decades, is unable to perform. But, what to do with him? How will he survive without his colleagues and his earnings? This is not their only concern. Most of them are married, have children, and bills to pay. Some of them, like 38-year-old Todor, are still single, lonely and not very happy. In home video style, the documentary follows the daily activities of the group, both joyful or laden with sadness. Often, they gather to ‘watch’ a football game or play on computers. This documentary allows us to enter the blind musicians’ life without hypocritical compassion or undue pity.



Country of Production

Year of Production

Digi Beta Pal, Beta SP Pal

60 min

Svetoslav Draganov

Cineaste Maudit production Bulgaria, National Film Center-Bulgaria and BTV

Original Language


Festivals / Awards

IDFA 2003
DocAviv 2003