The Bridge / Podul peste Tisa

One of the bridges across the river Tisa has a long and complicated story: the bridge between Sighet and Slatina. Sighet is a small town in the north of Romania, close to the Romanian-Ukrainian border, and Slatina the neighbouring town on the Ukrainian bank of the Tisa.
This bridge has been build during the Austrian-Hungarian empire and destroyed shortly before the end of the Second World War.
A whole web of family, cultural and economic ties was destroyed after this war. The northern bank of the river became part of the Soviet Union while the southern bank continued to be Romanian. The river Tisa separated the two towns for more than fifty years.
Since 2000 the bridge is being rebuilt with the support of the E.U. and it’s PHARE-Programme.
The reconstruction of the old bridge was finished in 2002. But people can’t cross the border yet. The second round of enlargement of the EU will include Romania, which has to apply the Schengen acquis when it becomes a member of the Union and this means also to severe ties with populations and territories to which it is linked by culture and history.
The inhabitants of the two towns are still separated.


Country of Production

Year of Production

Digi Beta Pal

58 / 75 min

Ileana Stanculescu

Ileana Stanculescu in co-production with Art Doc

Original Language
Romanian, Ukrainian


Festivals / Awards

IDFA 2004 (First Appearance Award)
Interfest Moscow 2005
It's All True IDF 2005
DOK.fest Munich 2005
Thessaloniki IDF 2005
Crossing Europe FF Linz 2005
Sarajevo FF 2005
Silverdocs IDF 2005
OxDox DF 2005
Pärnu IDF 2005
Golden Apricot FF 2005
Åland FF 2005
Filmschau Baden-Württemberg 2004 (Award for Coproduction)
Greenfilmfestival Seoul 2005
Cinefest Miskolc 2005 (Main Award)
RIDM Montréal 2005
Jakarta FF 2005