Against the Tide

Bombay fishermen Rakesh and Ganesh are inheritors of the great Koli knowledge system – a way to harvest the sea by following the moon and the tides. Rakesh has kept faith in the traditional fishing methods while Ganesh has strayed away from them, embracing technology.
AGAINST THE TIDE is a tale of friendship and rising resentment between the two men, as close as brothers, against the backdrop of an adoring sea, which is increasingly turning hostile because of climate change.


Country of Production
India, France

Year of Production

HD, 4K

97 min

Sarvnik Kaur

Snooker Club Films and A Little Anarky Films in co-production with Les Films de l’OEil Sauvage

Original Language
Koli, Marathi, Hindi


Festivals / Awards

Sundance 2023 (World Cinema Documentary Special Jury Award: Vérité Filmmaking)
San Francisco IFF 2023
Visions du Réel 2023 (UN Perception Change Award)
Hot Docs 2023
DOK.fest Munich 2023
Seattle IFF 2023
Millennium Docs Against Gravity 2023
Docs Barcelona 2023
Berkshire IFF 2023
Sydney IFF 2023
Sheffield Doc/Fest 2023