Those Who Said No

After decades of silence survivors and relatives of the victims of a mass atrocity establish a People’s Court. They will testify against a crime carried out by the Iranian regime, a crime that has been kept secret from the public for more than 25 years. Those responsible for these crimes now hold high government office in Iran. Their secret would be safe, if it was not for the efforts of some survivors.
In 2013 an international tribunal, the Iran Tribunal, is convened in The Hague Court of Justice. Now is their chance to put Iran on trial for their crimes against humanity.
THOSE WHO SAID NO is a film about people who refuse to be silenced, people who fight for the right to tell their story in court.



Country of Production
Sweden, Germany

Year of Production


55 / 89 min

Nima Sarvestani

Nimafilm in co-production with Filmproduktion, SVT, DR TV and ZDF in association with ARTE

Original Language
Persian, English


Festivals / Awards

IDFA Amsterdam 2014
Watch Docs HRFF Warsaw 2014
Docpoint IDF Helsinki 2015
Tempo IDF Stockholm 2015 (nominated for the Tempo Documentary Award)
One World HRFF Prague 2015 (Václav Havel Award)
Movies That Matter IDF Den Haag 2015 (Camera Justicia Award)
Documentarist IDF Istambul 2015
DocsDF Mexico 2015
Monte Carlo Television Festival 2016 (Golden Nymph Award for Best Current Affairs Documentary)