Siblings are Forever / Søsken til evig

The siblings Magnar and Oddny, both in their seventies, never left their childhood home. They run the family farm as it was run by several generations before them. Changes have been minimal, however a few innovations have been adopted. Electricity and a telephone were installed during the 1970s. In the 1980s, they acquired a combination radio-and-cassette player, a luxury that was highly prized and often used. Unfortunately it broke down a few years ago, and now they are left with a box full of audio cassettes with music they can no longer listen to. Magnar and Oddny are far from wealthy but close to the nature surrounding them. The highlight of their existence is when they take their livestock on the annual pilgrimage to the mountains for summer grazing. But can this routine last forever? Advancing age and failing health are reasons for questioning whether there is to be summer grazing in the mountains this year. If so, will this be the last year of summer pastures?



Country of Production

Year of Production


52 / 75 min

Frode Fimland

FIMfilm in co-production with Relation04 Media in association with TV2

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Festivals / Awards

Bergen IFF 2013 (Audience Award)
Trento Film Festival 2014
Film Festival della Lessinia 2014 (Best Film Golden Lessinia)
Matsalu International Nature FF 2014 (Highly Commended Diploma)
Watch Docs HRFF Warsaw 2014 (Audience Award)
Big Sky Documentary FF 2015 (Best Feature Length Documentary)