Dead Donkeys Fear No Hyenas / Das Grüne Gold


DEAD DONKEYS FEAR NO HYENAS is a documentary thriller investigating the murky concept of ‚land grabbing‘ – a modern form of colonisation where foreign investors buy or lease large farmland areas in developing countries without benefiting the local population. The rush for the ‚green gold‘ is on and the strongest are bulldozing their way to the finishing line!
Following in the footsteps of Ethiopian environmental journalist Argaw, we find that the promised prosperity and development is a far cry from the harsh reality. Large-scale farms are swallowing up the food production of regions that are already on the brink of starvation and sending it all back to your local supermarket. Left behind are local farmers who have been forced from the land they have been living on for generations.
The World Bank is on a mission to eradicate poverty and inject the most impoverished regions of the world with billions of our taxpayer’s money every year. It was given in grants for development policies that lead to hunger and violence – the World Bank now do what they can to hide what is going on.
DEAD DONKEYS FEAR NO HYENAS highlights one of our time’s largest economic catastrophes, where investments and well-intentioned aid have become weapons directed against the world’s poorest people.


Country of Production
Sweden, Germany, Finland

Year of Production


90 min

Joakim Demmer

WG Film in co-production with Filmproduktion, JW Documentaries, Film i Skåne and SVT, in association with RBB/ARTE, IKONdocs and YLE

Original Language
English, Amharic, Anuak

English, German, French, Finnish, Dutch

Festivals / Awards

cph:dox Copenhagen 2017