Brotherhood / Bratrství

Jabir, Usama and Useir, are three young Bosnian brothers, born into a family of shepherds. They grew up in the shadow of their father, Ibrahim, a strict, radical Islamist preacher.

When Ibrahim gets sentenced to two years in prison, for war participation and terrorism, the three brothers are suddenly left on their own. The absence of their father’s demands and strict commandments, changes their lives drastically.

The brothers explore their newly acquired freedom on the difficult journey to becoming men. Growing up has never felt more intimate or exhausting, as they struggle, fight, and face each other, their own distinct identities developing in front of our eyes.

Brotherhood is an intimate exploration of the transition from youth to manhood, the search for identity, finding love and yourself.



Country of Production
Czech Republic, Italy

Year of Production


97 / 54 min

Francesco Montagner

Nutprodukce in co-production with Nefertiti Film and Rai Cinema, Arte G.E.I.E., Czech television, Al Jazeera Documentary

Original Language


Festivals / Awards

Locarno IFF 2021 (Pardo d'oro in the Cineasti del presente competition)
AJB DOC 2021 (Special Mention)
Annecy Cinéma Italien 2021
CinEast Luxembourg 2021
São Paulo IFF 2021
Alice nella città (within Rome IFF) 2021
Ji.hlava IDF 2021 (Main Award in the Czech Joy Competition & Best Cinematography for Prokop Souček)
Visioni Italiane 2021
Verzio HRFF 2021 (Special Mention)
DOC NYC 2021
RIDM 2021
Pordenone Docs Fest 2021
Belgrade Auteur FF 2021
Cairo IFF 2021
Les Arcs 2021
Festival del Cinema di Porretta Terme 2021
IDSFF Kerala 2021
Sottodiciotto Film Festival 2021
Rotterdam IFF 2022
DocPoint Helsinki 2022
Miradasdoc 2022
True/False 2022
Thessaloniki IDF 2022
Sofia IFF 2022
ZagrebDOX 2022
Febiofest Bratislava 2022
CPH:DOX 2022
Cleveland IFF 2022
One World Prague 2022
Crossing Europe 2022
Millenium FF Brussels 2022
Frames of Representation 2022
Taiwan IDF 2022
Millenium Docs Against Gravity 2022
Neisse Film Festival 2022
Transilvania IFF 2022
Atlàntida Film Fest 2022
MakeDox 2022 (Young Onion Award)
DOKUart Bjelovar 2022
Astra Film Festival Sibiu 2022
Eastern Neighbours FF 2022

//Nominated for the Cinema Eye Honors Spotlight Award 2023