Lullaby / Wiegenlieder

Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I wonder what you are…

Based on the lullabies that are sung to a child, the documentary film LULLABY, tells about the dreams and hopes that are bestowed on us during those sheltered moments of our lives. The film tells about the warmth of the mother and the father, of the grandparents or the siblings and the feeling of security they give to us; about what life holds in store for us. The film wants to be a journey through Berlin and an encounter with people in their different stages of life. It is a cinematic declaration of love to people of the most diverse nationalities who live in our city. Sometimes we linger and listen to someone’s life story. At times a funny one, at times a tragic one, sometimes encouraging, sometimes devastating–but always in a narrative fashion. In the process, Berlin becomes home, interstation or even refuge. About fulfilled und unfulfilled dreams and newly found hopes.


Country of Production

Year of Production

HDCam, 35mm, Digi Beta Pal

98 min

Johann Feindt and Tamara Trampe

zero one film in co-production with ZDF in collaboration with ARTE

Original Language
German, Russian, English, French, Chechen, Yoruba


Festivals / Awards

Berlinale 2010 / Panorama
Visions du Réel Nyon 2010
Planete Doc Review Warsaw 2010
DocBsAs Buenos Aires 2010
Taiwan Int. Documentary Festival 2010
Festival dei Popoli Florence 2010