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    Berlinale 2016


    BEYOND THE SNOWSTORM will be the closing film of Berlinale's Perspektive Deutsches Kino section! Meet us in Berlin! Read More

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New Films

  • SamuelInTheClouds_web

    Samuel in the Clouds

    Belgium, Netherlands | 2016 | 55/70min

    High in the Andes Samuel remains hopeful that the snow will return, even though climate change has caused the glacier to vanish for good. A compelling example of the global refusal to face and address the facts of climate change. Read More

  • CzechsAgainstCzechs_web

    Czechs Against Czechs

    Czech Republic | 2015 | 88min

    Tomáš Kratochvíl’s documentary explores the racial issue in the Czech Republic with heart and conviction. Read More

  • Jiri Menzel_web

    Jiří Menzel - To Make A Comedy Is No Fun

    Switzerland | 2016 | 53/80min

    A film about Czechoslovakian director Jiří Menzel who won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film with CLOSELY WATCHED TRAINS - his first feature film ever. Read More

  • Swing Game_web

    Swing Game

    Finland | 2015 | 55/88min

    Documentary film by Mikko Peltonen and Pasi Riiali about the fast-growing digital game business. The filmmakers decide to found a mobile games company and create a hit game. There's only one problem: they don’t know anything about game development. Read More

  • keepfrozen_web_versuch

    Keep Frozen

    Iceland | 2016 | 74min

    20.000 boxes of frozen fish to unload, and only 48 hours to do the job in a -35C° environment. Hulda Rós Gudnadóttir's film KEEP FROZEN allows you a sneak peak into a real "man´s world”. Read More

  • Cafe Waldluft_web

    Café Waldluft

    Germany | 2015 | 58/79min

    Once a tourist hot spot nestling in the picturesque mountains of Bavaria „Café Waldluft” turned out to be a run-down hotel with a few remaining guests in their late sixties. But there is something very unique about the place: it offers shelter to refugees. Read More

  • InTheRaysOfTheSun_web

    Under the Sun

    Russia, Germany, Czech Republic, Latvia, North Korea | 2015 | 106min

    A film by Vitaly Mansky about the ideal life in an ideal country. We can see how much effort the North Korean people have to undertake to make this ideal world work. Read More

  • ReturnOfTheAtom_web

    Return of the Atom

    Finland, Germany | 2015 | 52/110min

    The film by Mika Taanila and Jussi Eerola portrays the strange and stressful life in a small "nuclear town" in Finland during an era of nuclear renaissance. Read More

  • TheSuccessor_web

    The Successor

    Italy | 2015 | 52min

    An ex-producer of landmines undertakes a journey from Italy to Bosnia-Herzegovina where he is able to face the ghosts of his past. Read More

  • TheLongestRun_web

    The Longest Run

    Greece | 2015 | 55/74min

    THE LONGEST RUN by Marianna Economou tells the story of Yasim and Alsaleh. They are underage refugees in a Greek prison, accused of having been human traffickers. Read More

  • SaySomething_web

    Say Something

    Sweden, Norway | 2015 | 58/74min

    SAY SOMETHING by Åsa Ekman is a coming of age documentary where the young person’s teenage years have been characterized by witnessing violence. Read More

  • Every28Days_web

    Every 28 Days

    Germany | 2015 | 52/89min

    A radically personal documentary by Ina Borrmann about the filmmaker´s attempts to become pregnant in her late thirties. Read More