New Films

  • Don'tBreath_web_vorläufig

    Don't Breathe

    France | 2014 | 86min

    Meet Levan, a middle-aged man from Georgia, on his comical downward spiral of paranoia and doubt as he fumbles his way through the theatre of the absurd that we call life. A dark comedy by Nino Kirtadze. Read More

  • NO LULLABY_web

    No Lullaby

    Germany | 2014 | 58/72min

    Three Generations silenced by a gruesome family secret and a society refusing to see reality behind closed doors. NO LULLABY by Helen Simon tells the story of the life and death fight that a mother and her daughter must lead to break the silence. Read More

  • TheGasWeapon_web

    The Gas Weapon

    Sweden | 2014 | 52min

    The film by Alex Shiriaieff offers a factual background to the complicated relations between Russia and Ukraine and exclusive, emotional footage from the dramatic events during the last winter in Ukraine’s capital. Read More

  • BROKEN LAND_hauptmotiv_web

    Broken Land

    Switzerland | 2014 | 75min

    BROKEN LAND by Stéphanie Barbey and Luc Peter is a journey with US citizens living in fear along the border with Mexico. Read More

  • MoneyinMinutes_web

    Money in Minutes

    Germany | 2014 | 52/90min

    The film tells of a lesser-acknowledged aspect of globalization: international work-related migration as the business foundation of financial service providers worldwide. Read More

  • InCountry_web

    In Country

    USA | 2014 | 80min

    An immersive feature documentary by Mike Attie and Meghan O’Hara about a platoon of soldiers who are recreating the Vietnam War in the woods of Oregon. Read More

  • Inthecrosswind_web

    In the Crosswind

    Estonia | 2014 | 87min

    (Fiction Film) Tens of thousands of innocent people were deported to Siberia from the Baltic countries in 1941. The genocide organized by the Soviet Union was an open secret that was skillfully kept until the restoration of the independence of the Baltic countries. IN THE CROSSWIND by Martti Helde tells about the tragic course of the life of a deportee - a young Estonian woman - over the course of fifteen years. Read More

  • 02_Fensterblick_Hauptmotiv_smaller


    Germany | 2014 | 82min

    In quiet observations, STAEDTEBEWOHNER portrays the life of the residents of the „Comunidad San Fernando“, a prison in Mexico City. Read More

  • smoKings_web


    Italy, Switzerland | 2014 | 96min

    Two millionaire brothers declare war on Big Tabacco and against the Italian State. A war without good or evil. Who’s going to win? Read More

  • REMOTE CONTROL_mainmotive_smaller

    Remote Control

    Mongolia, Germany, USA | 2013 | 90min

    (Fiction Film) A country boy growing up in a loveless environment arrives in the Mongolian capital, Ulan Bator, where he finds accommodation on a flat roof. Obsessed by a beautiful young woman in the apartment opposite, his imagination runs away with him. Byamba Sakhya’s first feature is is also a metaphor for the changes taking place in Mongolia. Read More


    Miners Shot Down

    South Africa | 2014 | 52/86min

    MINERS SHOT DOWN by Rehad Desai is a haunting glimpse into the days leading up to the massacre of 34 miners in Marikana in August 2012. Read More

  • Once My Mother_web

    Once My Mother

    Australia | 2013 | 57/75min

    Sophia Turkiewicz investigates the reasons why her Polish mother abandoned her in an orphanage and uncovers the truth behind her mother’s wartime escape from a Siberian gulag, leaving Sophia to confront her own capacity for forgiveness. Read More