New Films

  • Cafe Waldluft_web

    Café Waldluft

    Germany | 2015 | 58/79min

    Once a tourist hot spot nestling in the picturesque mountains of Bavaria „Café Waldluft” turned out to be a run-down hotel with a few remaining guests in their late sixties. But there is something very unique about the place: it offers shelter to refugees. Read More

  • InTheRaysOfTheSun_web

    Under the Sun

    Russia, Germany, Czech Republic, Latvia, North Korea | 2015 | 106min

    A film by Vitaly Mansky about the ideal life in an ideal country. We can see how much effort the North Korean people have to undertake to make this ideal world work. Read More

  • ReturnOfTheAtom_web

    Return of the Atom

    Finland, Germany | 2015 | 52/110min

    The film by Mika Taanila and Jussi Eerola portrays the strange and stressful life in a small "nuclear town" in Finland during an era of nuclear renaissance. Read More

  • TheSuccessor_web

    The Successor

    Italy | 2015 | 52min

    An ex-producer of landmines undertakes a journey from Italy to Bosnia-Herzegovina where he is able to face the ghosts of his past. Read More

  • TheLongestRun_web

    The Longest Run

    Greece | 2015 | 55/74min

    THE LONGEST RUN by Marianna Economou tells the story of Yasim and Alsaleh. They are underage refugees in a Greek prison, accused of having been human traffickers. Read More

  • SaySomething_web

    Say Something

    Sweden, Norway | 2015 | 58/74min

    SAY SOMETHING by Åsa Ekman is a coming of age documentary where the young person’s teenage years have been characterized by witnessing violence. Read More

  • Every28Days_web

    Every 28 Days

    Germany | 2015 | 52/89min

    A radically personal documentary by Ina Borrmann about the filmmaker´s attempts to become pregnant in her late thirties. Read More

  • BeyondTheSnowstorm_web

    Beyond the Snowstorm

    Germany | 2015 | 92min

    Following long and intense conversations with his grandfather, who used to be stationed in the Ukraine as soldier of the Wehrmacht, director Levin Peter travels there, looking to trace what he has heard. Read More

  • SteamOnTheRiver_web

    Steam on the River

    Czech Republic, Slovakia | 2015 | 83min

    Laco Deczi, Jan Jankeje and Lubo Tamaškovič in the documentary La Bohéme. Small wars about survival as a spit in the face of death. Read More

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© Georges SCHNEIDER/CONTRAST, CON 526797, Wien, Parlament, 26.01.1999. Jörg HAIDER/FPÖ nach dem ersten Sondierungsgespräch mit der ÖVP.Time Magazine Cover 1999 - 20040802_PD1967

    Catching Haider

    Austria, Germany | 2015 | 91min

    How can it be that, despite the corruption scandals he has been associated with, Austrian right wing populist Joerg Haider is portrayed as a hero after his accidental death? Read More

  • PossessedByDjinn_web

    Possessed by Djinn

    Germany, Jordan | 2015 | 52/75min

    The belief in demons, or “djinn”, is a little-known aspect of Islamic culture. In a subjective investigation of this controversial topic the film by Dalia Al Kury follows the true story of Aya, a four-year-old Jordanian girl killed by her father who believed her to be possessed. Read More

  • SiberianFloatingHospital_web

    Siberian Floating Hospital

    Russia | 2015 | 52/93min

    The floating hospital crisscrosses the Siberian North bringing medical care to the remotest rural outposts. Read More