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    Meet us at MIPDOC/MIPTV 2015 where Deckert Distribution is present with new documentary films. Read More

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    Deckert Distribution at IDFA 2014


    We are proud to announce 9 great titles as part of the official selection for IDFA 2014 and 21 titles at DOCS FOR SALE 2014. Read More

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    Our films at DOK LEIPZIG 2014


    7 Deckert Distribution films are selected for DOK LEIPZIG 2014. Read More

New Films

  • PossessedByDjinn_web

    Possessed by Djinn

    Germany, Jordan | 2015 | 52/75min

    The belief in demons, or “djinn”, is a little-known aspect of Islamic culture. In a subjective investigation of this controversial topic the film by Dalia Al Kury follows the true story of Aya, a four-year-old Jordanian girl killed by her father who believed her to be possessed. Read More

  • SiberianFloatingHospital_web

    Siberian Floating Hospital

    Russia | 2015 | 52/93min

    The floating hospital crisscrosses the Siberian North bringing medical care to the remotest rural outposts. Read More

  • My Life My Lesson_web

    My Life My Lesson

    Sweden, Norway | 2014 | 58/74min

    Åsa Ekman brings us a powerful, poignant and unsentimental coming-of-age documentary about a girl trying to change her father and heal her family whilst facing an immensely difficult inner struggle. Read More

  • Cain's Children_web

    Cain’s Children

    Hungary, France | 2014 | 104min

    Three boys, they all committed murder. After discovering their haunting faces and disturbing stories in a banned prison documentary from 1984, the director Marcell Gerő goes out to find them and discovers untold secrets and a Hungary he has never known. Read More

  • ThoseWhoSaidNo_web

    Those Who Said No

    Sweden, Germany | 2014 | 55/89min

    For the first time an International People’s Tribunal convenes in The Hague court of justice to investigate the mass executions of political prisoners in Iran during the 1980s. The survivors testify against a crime that has been kept secret from the world for over 25 years. Read More

  • QueenOfSilence_web

    The Queen of Silence

    Germany, Poland | 2014 | 56/80min

    A deaf girl from an illegal Roma settling escapes the brutal reality of everyday life into the world of rhythm, dance and imagination. Read More

  • Pepe Mujica_web

    Pepe Mujica – Lessons from the Flowerbed

    Germany | 2014 | 52/90-94min

    A portrait of the eventful life of Pepe Mujica – a former guerrilla fighter and flower grower, and the current president of Uruguay. Read More

  • A602_C006_1215EZ

    I Want to See the Manager

    Germany, Italy | 2014 | 89min

    In the light of the current transformations within the global power structure, the documentary by Hannes Lang traces the linkage of economic ascent and decline. Read More

  • Don'tBreath_web_vorläufig

    Don't Breathe

    France | 2014 | 86min

    Meet Levan, a middle-aged man from Georgia, on his comical downward spiral of paranoia and doubt as he fumbles his way through the theatre of the absurd that we call life. A dark comedy by Nino Kirtadze. Read More

  • NO LULLABY_web

    No Lullaby

    Germany | 2014 | 58/72min

    Three Generations silenced by a gruesome family secret and a society refusing to see reality behind closed doors. NO LULLABY by Helen Simon tells the story of the life and death fight that a mother and her daughter must lead to break the silence. Read More

  • TheGasWeapon_web_2

    The Gas Weapon

    Sweden | 2014 | 52min

    The film by Alex Shiriaieff offers a factual background to the complicated relations between Russia and Ukraine and exclusive, emotional footage from the dramatic events during the last winter in Ukraine’s capital. Read More

  • BROKEN LAND_hauptmotiv_web

    Broken Land

    Switzerland | 2014 | 75min

    In BROKEN LAND by Stéphanie Barbey and Luc Peter, seven Americans tell how the immense fence that is erected to control Mexican immigration transformed their lives. Read More